Macap presents Labo x Aeropress, a collaboration of action and excitement

The new coffee grinder will be starring at World of Coffee 2022.

After a three-year absence, the World of Coffee returns to a Milanese venue of excellence with events and competitions that attract Specialty Coffee professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world. On this occasion, Macap is pleased to make official its new partnership with Aeropress, which has chosen the new LABO coffee grinder as the official sponsor for its world championships.

LABO was created to intensely experience any exploration in the world of coffee and is the result of about a century of evolution and inventiveness of the Venetian company that represents the history of the Italian grinder. Highly versatile, adaptable to alternative extractions, LABO is designed for baristas who want to build a dynamic and experimental relationship between coffee beans and espresso machine.

Convenience, intuition, speed, precision and stability are the essential parameters of an unmistakably Italian design. The collaboration with Aeropress, the famous device with which to extract coffee in any situation, makes this product a winning match for creating an infinite number of recipes, combined with a single dispenser that can grind any grain size precisely at all times.

Visitors will not only be able to admire the fruit of this collaboration up close, but will also be able to see LABO x Aeropress in action thanks to the presence of Renata Zanon, coffee expert and brand ambassador for Macap. There will also be two Aeropress available for anyone wishing to test the grinder from the world competition and various types of coffee from numerous roasters.

The Studio home line, comprising the M2M and M2E Domus, will also be presented during the event. The coffee grinders in this segment are designed to condense all the professionalism, tradition and reliability of Macap in domestic use. From the studio to the office, this line is simple yet high-performance in its interpretation of the origin and roasting of coffee, managing to process the beans with the utmost precision.