Barista Attitude lands in Australia for competition-filled MICE

Competitors at the World Barista Championship, which will take place in Melbourne, will be able to train with a special LTD from Tempesta Gara.

It will be a special MICE edition for Barista Attitude, which is waiting for visitors to fascinate them with its flagship products and amaze them with the features of two exclusive new Tempesta Limited Editions with designs yet to be discovered.

Specialty coffee enthusiasts and specialists will feel in their own world inside the Barista Attitude space: waiting for them will be Storm Profilo, a machine dedicated to espresso disc jockeys, with a strong personality, refined design and designed on the needs of professionals; and Storm FRC, the version with pressure profiles with the possibility to change the pressure during brewing, for a top quality in-cup result and, why not, to give vent to one’s creativity. At the booth you will also be able to get a close look at all the features of the Faro grinder, which -inspired by the Barista Attitude philosophy- is designed to achieve very high performance with a convenient and intuitive setting and maximum adjustment to get ever closer to the perfect grain size.

But that’s not all. There will also be a Tempesta Gara, made for competition and featuring an intuitive touchscreen and a sleek yet modern design that speaks of action. The steel legs form a perfect match with the details of the exclusive Faro grinder created to form a perfect pair with this espresso machine.

Tempesta will be a real star at the World Barista Championship in Melbourne, which will be held in conjunction with MICE, in the exhibition space. Indeed, competitors will be able to train backstage on a special limited edition of this machine, made in partnership with SCA, which will be fully unveiled during the days of the event.


Macap presents Labo x Aeropress, a collaboration of action and excitement

The new coffee grinder will be starring at World of Coffee 2022.

After a three-year absence, the World of Coffee returns to a Milanese venue of excellence with events and competitions that attract Specialty Coffee professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world. On this occasion, Macap is pleased to make official its new partnership with Aeropress, which has chosen the new LABO coffee grinder as the official sponsor for its world championships.

LABO was created to intensely experience any exploration in the world of coffee and is the result of about a century of evolution and inventiveness of the Venetian company that represents the history of the Italian grinder. Highly versatile, adaptable to alternative extractions, LABO is designed for baristas who want to build a dynamic and experimental relationship between coffee beans and espresso machine.

Convenience, intuition, speed, precision and stability are the essential parameters of an unmistakably Italian design. The collaboration with Aeropress, the famous device with which to extract coffee in any situation, makes this product a winning match for creating an infinite number of recipes, combined with a single dispenser that can grind any grain size precisely at all times.

Visitors will not only be able to admire the fruit of this collaboration up close, but will also be able to see LABO x Aeropress in action thanks to the presence of Renata Zanon, coffee expert and brand ambassador for Macap. There will also be two Aeropress available for anyone wishing to test the grinder from the world competition and various types of coffee from numerous roasters.

The Studio home line, comprising the M2M and M2E Domus, will also be presented during the event. The coffee grinders in this segment are designed to condense all the professionalism, tradition and reliability of Macap in domestic use. From the studio to the office, this line is simple yet high-performance in its interpretation of the origin and roasting of coffee, managing to process the beans with the utmost precision.


Barista Attitude at the World of Coffee 2022 with the new Tempesta, the official WBC machine

A competition version of the brand’s jewel tells it’s philosophy on an international stage


After three years, for the first time in its history in Milan, the World of Coffee will open its doors, to connoisseurs and lovers of Specialty Coffee, with a jam-packed schedule of events and competitions.

Barista Attitude will attend with its new Tempesta in competition guise. The official machine of the World Barista Championship until 2025, spreads the word of the brand’s project through its ambassadors from all over the world.

Designed and built for competing artists, the Tempesta features an elegant and futuristic design, with steel legs and an intuitive and versatile touchscreen that allows the barista to focus on the action. The version that visitors will be able to admire at the stand features: a special back panel on which the word ‘gara’ is engraved in glossy black; WST competition filters; double and bottompless filter holders and a competition display as a software option. It is definitely a machine to be discovered, devoted to experimentation, exploration and – especially in this case – challenge.

Throughout the event Andrea Allen, Emi Fukahori, Diego Campus and Michalis Dimitrakopoulos will be present as official ambassadors of Barista Attitude as they perfectly embody the authentic philosophy of this brand and the true vocation for the art of extraction. Much more than just words, this is a real project that captures the attention of the coffee world and influences it in a proactive manner as well as sharing messages and values with the community. Born from years of experimentation, this is a sort of manifesto that not only involves a high quality product but also the experience that the brand wants to share through it.

Barista Attitude also focuses on the social impact of its product. To support coffee farmers, the company sponsors the Specialty Coffee Association’s Buyers and Sellers of Coffee programme to connect with producers, buyers and roasters of green coffee. Internally, it is also conducting its own diversity and inclusion programme to culturally map areas for improvement as a company and as a group of people. A future-forward journey, then, that focuses on espresso as a social aggregator.



The Group further expands its presence in the Coffee Business sector

The Ryoma Holding Company has finalised its acquisition of Macap – a historic Venice-based company founded in 1930 and a significant player in the production of professional coffee grinders – by buying a majority stake in the company.
Macap – a company active in 70 countries worldwide – offers a range of products that currently span from traditional coffee grinders to instant coffee grinders and dynamometric tampers.

As a result of this acquisition, Ryoma will further expand its presence within the coffee business and food equipment industries. The company is no stranger to these sectors, thanks to CMA – a company that specialises in the production of espresso coffee machines, which encompasses the prestigious Astoria, Wega, Storm and Hybrid professional coffee machine brands – in addition to Univerbar, a company specialised in the production of washing solutions.

The acquisition of Macap is part of the Group’s investment strategy and is an important development opportunity. Macap’s long-standing history in the sector and its expertise, combined with Ryoma’s commitment to support all the subsidiaries and human resource development, form the basis of the structured development plan which envisages the brand’s development in the main reference markets.


The Ryoma di Milano Shareholding Company announces that is has acquired all the shares of Univer-bar s.r.l., a company from Galliera Veneta (PD), specialized in the production of cleaning solutions for the restaurant sector.

Founded in 1979, the company stands out for essential craftsmanship combined with the use of modern production technologies and particular attention to market demands.

The Univer-bar brand has always been one of the most outstanding leaders in the cleaning sector.

Ryoma is pleased to have completed the acquisition of Univer-bar, an enterprise with great tradition that has been able to keep pace with the times and which will be supported with a structured development project. For Ryoma the acquisition will mean a wider presence in the food equipment sector.


To work in the coffee industry, having a strong passion and motivation is not enough. In fact, it is essential to have a high level of professionalism in any role, in order to ensure that the qualitative standards of the end product and service are always first-class.

During the Coffee Technicians Guild Summit, which Astoria has the honor of hosting at the Greensboro branch in North Carolina from the 20th to the 22nd of July 2017, the focus will be placed on the coffee machine technician, who, according to the Specialty Coffee Association, should be a formally-recognized professional figure.

The Coffee Technicians Guild places emphasis on technician training, by organizing specific training lessons and sessions during this three-day period, in order to refine the coffee technicians’ skills. These technicians will be able to attend the Brewin foundation level module, a compulsory module for obtaining the certification.

It will begin with a detailed look at using multimeterson a daily basis, the aesthetic and functional differences between the various models on the market and their usefulness for making accurate electrical diagnoses. The next module concerns water treatment, which is an essential element for producing excellent coffee. The technicians will learn how to check the quality, pressure and flow, understand how a different water can change the flavor of a coffee by tasting this for themselves, and also learn how to test the equipment in order to identify any water-related issues.

A useful and important module will be devoted to the technical support side of the business. Attendees will learn how to manage customer requests on a daily basis and about the decisions that every business owner has to face in the immediate future.

General Espresso Equipment Corporation
7912 Industrial Village Road
Greensboro, NC


The documentary “Streets of Budapest” is meant to be Astoria’s tribute to two worlds, starting with that of specialty coffees, which was told in the first part of the video and has been Astoria’s passion for almost twenty years.

The second is the world of art, which has been the underlying theme during Astoria’s three-year sponsorship of the World Latte Art Championships and World Coffee in Good Spirits Championships, and is the main theme of the video we launch today, the second part of the documentary “Streets of Budapest”.

It all started in 2015, with the comic strip at the Nordic World of Coffee trade fair, held in Gothenburg, Sweden; the following, at the Hotelex, in Shanghai, we paid homage to Chinese calligraphy.

Today, the protagonist is street art, in the form of stencils, spray or stickers, which is narrated by one of the artists who has been experiencing it personally: Gergely Void.



On Wednesday 10th May, Wega will host one of the heats of the Espresso Italiano Champion competition at its own headquarters.

The competition was established in 2010 by the Italian Espresso National Institute (Inei), and has been an international competition since 2014, quickly gathering support not only in Italy, but also in Europe and Asia. The format requires the competing baristas to battle it out to prepare four espressos and four cappuccinos in just eleven minutes. The main difficulty is that in the allotted time they must also calibrate their grinders – and, of course, clean their work station at the end.

The selection on the 10th May will allow just one winner through to the Italian semifinal, where the barista going on to the grand final at Host Milano (taking place from 20th to 24th October) will be decided. The final will be hosted by Wega on a stand designed to meet the competitors’ needs.

The competition machines will bear a specially customised design inspired by this year’s coffee bar trends.

Good luck to all the participants: the best of you will get to meet each other on the Wega stand (Pav. 24P / Stand D52 – D60) in October!


Next April Seattle will host the 2017 edition of the Global Specialty Coffee Expo, one of the most appealing events to all the specialty coffee lovers around the world.

On the occasion of the Launch Party, organized on April 20th at 6 pm at the Seattle Paramount Theater, the most creative and skilled US baristas will compete against each other during the United States Coffee Championship (USCC) Latte Art Throw Down.

During this single elimination tournament organized by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), that will give the 32 participants the opportunity to show their abilities, the official espresso machines will be Plus4Champions, specifically designed to guarantee a constant quality both during extraction and brewing of the espresso in high level competitions like these.

One of the peculiarities of this competition is the kind of milk the baristas are going to use, that will be of vegetable origin. At each round the competitors will have to prove to be able to make excellent cappuccinos using soy, almond, coconut and rice milks, then choosing one of these to use during the finals.

Judges will evaluate the visual quality of the foam, the contrast between the surface of the espresso and the milk, the position and dimensions of the pattern in relation to the cup, the originality of the idea and the level of technical difficulties required to realize it. They will then crown the winner,  who will receive an Astoria espresso machine as prize.



Core is the new class of Astoria machines that cleverly conjugates design, functionality and passion, in a unique and inimitable combination.

The first born of this line is Core600, a machine that distinguishes itself with its functional design, in which simple and modern lines merge into user-friendly interactivity, made possible by a number of innovative features.

Among these, Sensitive Touch Buttons (STB), the new retro-lit sensitive keypad of Core600, which, with the slightest touch, allows the bartender to easily select the coffee to be dispensed, avoiding loss of screen sensitivity due to wet fingers, coffee powder or impurities.

The cup warmer has been re-invented and has become a designer lamp, with led lights that can be customized where brightness and color are concerned, enhancing the three-dimensionality of the machine, returning it to being the focal center of the place and providing atmosphere to any ambiance.

Designed to enhance the refined shapes of Core600, the steel sides, satin-finished or varnished depending on the area in which it will be installed, provide a machine with the sturdiness needed to be knock, wear and corrosion resistant through time.

Inside Core600 beats the very heart of Astoria, a combination of tradition, technology and a veritable passion for espresso.