Established in 1969, Astoria is an Italian company that designs, develops and manufactures professional coffee machines. Experts and coffee lovers in over 150 countries across the world use our machines, thanks to an extensive international sales network and affiliated branches in the US, France, Romania and Russia


Wega Macchine per Caffè  has been a major brand of traditional Italian espresso coffee machines since 1985. The company is owned by the Ryoma holding company based in Milan, which officially acquired the brand in October 2012. Wega’s core business consists of the production and distribution of professional espresso coffee machines, coffee grinders and accessories.


The CMA company specializes in the production of espresso and super-automatic coffee machines; they also provide tailored technological industrial solutions. Since 2007 CMA has been operating out of a cutting edge production facility located in Susegana, in the Provence of Treviso.


Faitech is a company in Treviso specializing in the production of pressure vessels as well as copper and brass hydraulic components.
In 2016 Faitech was acquired by the RYOMA Shareholding Company.


Univer-bar s.r.l. is a company from Galliera Veneta (PD), specialized in the production of cleaning solutions for the restaurant sector.
Founded in 1979, the company stands out for essential craftsmanship combined with the use of modern production technologies.


Storm is the brand of coffee machines that hit the scene at the 2017 Host Milano to officially launch the Ryoma Group into the world of specialty coffee.
Storm is the result of a search for bygone values that are coming back in full force through a new cultural and artisanal approach that is quickly spreading around the globe.

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