12 December 2023

Ryoma at HOST 2023

For the first time, the holding tree gathered all its brands in one space.

Team unity was the watchword at the latest new edition of HOST 2023, where Ryoma brought together all its brands in a large stand where visitors could admire all the solutions for the coffee world offered by the various brands of the Italian group.  

The Ryoma tree
The stand featured a tree whose branches included all the different brands that the Group has decided to focus on in recent years. A highly symbolic choice that sanctions the unity of intentions and the collective vision that strengthens the reality of Ryoma, which  is increasingly determined on the one handto consolidate its investments in the coffee sector, and on the other to continue to expand its range of solutions (HLF’s entry into the Group, with super-automatic machines that will enrich the Group’s product portfolio).

New products for 2024
Ryoma’s brands unveiled many new products at this edition. From the new platform of Astoria’s iconic Plus 4 You Advantage to Wega’s WBar Pro and the innovative rebranding of these two historic companies. Macap’s coffee grinders, with a brand new platform, are specifically designed to meet the needs of coffee shops. To complete the domestic range, visitors were able to take a closer look at the LEO 55 line.   

Host, a showcase for global challenges
With a new attendance record, HOST 2023 was once again the benchmark for the entire Ho.Re.Ca. world, and for Ryoma it was an opportunity to strengthen partnerships and build new business relationships for the future. The audience was enthusiastic, and although the market is currently challenging, the Group’s investments are moving in the direction required by international coffee business players.


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