Barista Attitude lands in Australia for competition-filled MICE

Competitors at the World Barista Championship, which will take place in Melbourne, will be able to train with a special LTD from Tempesta Gara.

It will be a special MICE edition for Barista Attitude, which is waiting for visitors to fascinate them with its flagship products and amaze them with the features of two exclusive new Tempesta Limited Editions with designs yet to be discovered.

Specialty coffee enthusiasts and specialists will feel in their own world inside the Barista Attitude space: waiting for them will be Storm Profilo, a machine dedicated to espresso disc jockeys, with a strong personality, refined design and designed on the needs of professionals; and Storm FRC, the version with pressure profiles with the possibility to change the pressure during brewing, for a top quality in-cup result and, why not, to give vent to one’s creativity. At the booth you will also be able to get a close look at all the features of the Faro grinder, which -inspired by the Barista Attitude philosophy- is designed to achieve very high performance with a convenient and intuitive setting and maximum adjustment to get ever closer to the perfect grain size.

But that’s not all. There will also be a Tempesta Gara, made for competition and featuring an intuitive touchscreen and a sleek yet modern design that speaks of action. The steel legs form a perfect match with the details of the exclusive Faro grinder created to form a perfect pair with this espresso machine.

Tempesta will be a real star at the World Barista Championship in Melbourne, which will be held in conjunction with MICE, in the exhibition space. Indeed, competitors will be able to train backstage on a special limited edition of this machine, made in partnership with SCA, which will be fully unveiled during the days of the event.