To work in the coffee industry, having a strong passion and motivation is not enough. In fact, it is essential to have a high level of professionalism in any role, in order to ensure that the qualitative standards of the end product and service are always first-class.

During the Coffee Technicians Guild Summit, which Astoria has the honor of hosting at the Greensboro branch in North Carolina from the 20th to the 22nd of July 2017, the focus will be placed on the coffee machine technician, who, according to the Specialty Coffee Association, should be a formally-recognized professional figure.

The Coffee Technicians Guild places emphasis on technician training, by organizing specific training lessons and sessions during this three-day period, in order to refine the coffee technicians’ skills. These technicians will be able to attend the Brewin foundation level module, a compulsory module for obtaining the certification.

It will begin with a detailed look at using multimeterson a daily basis, the aesthetic and functional differences between the various models on the market and their usefulness for making accurate electrical diagnoses. The next module concerns water treatment, which is an essential element for producing excellent coffee. The technicians will learn how to check the quality, pressure and flow, understand how a different water can change the flavor of a coffee by tasting this for themselves, and also learn how to test the equipment in order to identify any water-related issues.

A useful and important module will be devoted to the technical support side of the business. Attendees will learn how to manage customer requests on a daily basis and about the decisions that every business owner has to face in the immediate future.

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