Astoria Macchine per Caffè is set to update its image and launch a new logo in a strategic move that reflects the company’s growth and its vision of the future. These aspects, together with the company’s willingness to experiment and try out new ideas, confirm its position as one of the leading brands in the international coffee business.

Continuity and the company’s longstanding manufacturing heritage are represented by the traditional Astoria red and the retention of the original “A” with its distinctive flourish, which has been part of the company’s history since its creation in 1969.

The flourish has been elongated and streamlined to make it softer and more sinuous. The lettering of the rest of the logo, meanwhile, has been completely updated to give a look that is dynamic, incisive and modern and that truly conveys the identity of a company that is launching itself wholeheartedly towards tomorrow.

In addition to the new logo, the company has also introduced a new distinguishing feature, a company emblem. The emblem encapsulates the entire history of the brand. In it, the “A” of Astoria, unique, unmistakable and iconic, forms the distinctive symbol of the company, preserving its heritage and at the same time leading the company towards new goals.

“Our new logo and emblem represent our desire to constantly improve and aim for excellence through an evolving journey rich in new ideas and sources of inspiration that come from all around us – from the experience we have gained through almost 50 years in business and from our ability to work and share our values with people who bring so much passion and skill to our business to create wonderful coffee machines” emphasises Astoria’s President, Federico Gallia.