11 November 2015


To be the best you have to go all the way, because true passion knows no obstacles. To reach your goals, you must be Strong & Tough: decisive, tenacious and faithful to your identity.

The new Wega corporate video tells this story. The perfect espresso is the destination of a long and passionate adventure, a journey of constant discovery.

Shot between Venice and the Dolomites, the video follows the travels of a young coffee lover in search of the perfect cup.

The emotions experienced on the road are a prelude to the real pleasure, because My Concept, the Wega’s top machine, is waiting for the adventurer. With its innovative functions – including the option of memorizing different preferences and activating remote control with mobile devices – can read your mind and satisfy the client’s wishes at any moment.

Espresso in 10 minutes. Strong & Tough.There is no need to add anything else, because My Concept has already conveyed its message; all it takes is a few simple moves for the barista to serve the perfect espresso.

See photos from backstage

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