To be the best you have to go all the way, because true passion knows no obstacles. To reach your goals, you must be Strong & Tough: decisive, tenacious and faithful to your identity.

The new Wega corporate video tells this story. The perfect espresso is the destination of a long and passionate adventure, a journey of constant discovery.

Shot between Venice and the Dolomites, the video follows the travels of a young coffee lover in search of the perfect cup.

The emotions experienced on the road are a prelude to the real pleasure, because My Concept, the Wega’s top machine, is waiting for the adventurer. With its innovative functions – including the option of memorizing different preferences and activating remote control with mobile devices – can read your mind and satisfy the client’s wishes at any moment.

Espresso in 10 minutes. Strong & Tough.There is no need to add anything else, because My Concept has already conveyed its message; all it takes is a few simple moves for the barista to serve the perfect espresso.

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The 2015 edition of Host Milano marked an important moment for Astoria: not only are we confirming the company’s consolidation under a more structured operating system; we are also taking our products to the next level.

In the last several months Astoria has been investing significant human and technical resources into its most outstanding machine, the HYbrid, which was featured in a specially designated space. It was a strong attraction for new and longstanding clients, and it also raised some eyebrows among the competition. The stand was structured so as to offer a complete panorama of the company philosophy as well as the many essences of our products; the layout helped our clients navigate between traditional equipment and more innovative products, and gave visitors a chance to test the machines in the training area. Quality in the cup could be experimented at the two bars set up inside the expo space, one of which was dedicated entirely to the HYbrid.

“The stand attracted our well-established clients, who have been collaborating with Astoria for decades, but there were also lots of new customers, from the major players in the coffee shop business to in-shop roasters,” comments Stefano Stecca, Commercial Director for Astoria. “Clients were expecting new trends in their respective sectors, and they were positively pleased by the Perla, which has been completely refurbished in its design, chassis and command panel materials, featuring a brand new touch control system and a clean look outlined by led lights. There is also the newcompact model, a real eye-catcher with its special colors. This machine is a true headliner; the former introduces a new Astoria trend that opts for a “family feeling” which is more consistent and recognizable. The electronic version of the Rapallo was also a hit with its drink selection display; and the Plus4Champions, the machine of champions, continues to attract clients with its personalized, artist signed chassis.”

The semi-final competitions for the Espresso Italiano Champion and the demonstrations in latte art by Arnon Thitiprasert, a finalist barista at the Gothenburg World Championships, were some of the most significant moments at the 2015 Host. So was the Gala evening organized by Astoria in the heart of the Milan Expo, which was an important occasion to consolidate relationships with our partners.The special event dedicated to the HYbrid also received positive feedback.

“Our next big milestone will be Shanghai,” concludes Flavio Urizzi, Export Manager / Key Accounts Manager for Astoria. “Plus4Champions will once again be the official espresso machine for the World Latte Art Championship and World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship series, which will continue to contribute to defining the standards for espresso coffee machines when it comes to reliability, the finest quality in the cup and a targeted response to the needs of the most qualified baristas. Making our machines even more appealing and performing, in order to best meet the demands of each individual barista, is one of the steps we will be focusing on in the near future”.


One million visitors served, for a total of 1,280,000 cups tasted and almost 10 tons of coffee transformed into tiny sensorial masterpieces: these are the “ground” numbers for Wega machines at the Milan Expo. The innovative solutions presented by Wega Macchine per Caffè, a leading company in the production of quality professional espresso coffee machines, contributed to enriching the global showcase at the Expo. It just so happened that the event involved more than 140 countries, the same number of markets in which Wega does business. Reliability, quality result in the cup and original design have brought international recognition to the Wega brand and their idea of excellence Made in Italy.

The most revolutionary result of our company research was chosen to represent the Wega style at the Expo. The My Concept, an evolution of the company’s signature Wegaconcept machine, greeted visitors at the Italian Pavilion, the Montecarlo Pavilion and the pavilions for Mexico, Argentina, Israel, Bahrain and Angola, offering them the chance to enjoy a perfect espresso, the synthesis of Italy’s essence and international vocation.

“MyConcept is the 100% customizable machine, and it introduces some important new elements from the technology sector,” explains Paolo Nadalet, Managing Director for Wega Macchine per Caffè. “In fact, the My Concept features custom options for the skin, power logo, slide show and menu, even boasting the possibility of instantly uploading photos via USB, with the further advantage of being able to view them on several machines in different places. It can also communicate with mobile devices. All this will make the work of both users and technicians much easier. These and countless other features make the My Concept a unique, inimitable machine.”

“The theme for this Expo was perfectly in line with our industrial philosophy, which is based on technological excellence, but also on energy awareness,” continues Paolo Nadalet. “We are sure that sustainability is also good for business: Wega is actively involved in protecting the environment and has placed itself on the cutting edge of research into innovative materials and more efficient models of production and distribution. For Wega, exhalting the pleasure of espresso also means striving to raise consumer awareness and improving standards for the sector.

Our production center uses cutting edge solutions when it comes to efficiency and use of energy sources. In terms of product, this philosophy is embodied in the Greenline label that distinguishes the top of the line in the Wegaconcept range; this has evolved into MyConcept and a line of accessories to facilitate an intelligent and environmentally friendly method of maintenance for the machine and grinder/measurer.”